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    Thông báo DesignProVideo Tutorial:Digital Photography Workflows(Photos

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    Digital cameras alone don’t make good pictures - it takes the helping hand of Photoshop to
    make your photos shine. This tutorial-video shows you why …
    Digital Photography Workflows(Photoshop CS4 105)
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    Digital Cameras have made it easier than ever to take great pictures. But even with the best camera,
    it takes a bit of work with Photoshop to really get the most out of your images. Small issues like
    lens flares or dust spots can quickly ruin a photographic moment, and it’s often necessary to remove
    the “digital haze” that comes with photos that are too light or dark to perfectly reflect the scene
    you captured.
    In this 3-hour tutorial by seasoned photographer, educator and Adobe author Dan Moughamian, you’ll
    learn how to take your favorite photos and make them even better. You’ll learn important skills like
    working with Adobe Camera Raw to improve tonality and contrast, and using Adjustment Layers to
    fine-tune the color and mood of your images. The most important photography workflow topics are
    covered, to ensure you get the best image, every time. There’s also detailed coverage of
    photo-retouching skills like noise reduction, removing lens spots, blemish repair, and perspective
    This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don’t need to watch it all. Use the search functions and
    detailed menus to quickly find important topics - that’s the essence of Nonlinear Educating using
    N.E.D.!Adobe Software Video Tutorials, Training, & Forums
    Digital Photography Workflows(Photoshop CS4 105)

    Chapter 1: Bridge CS4
    Section 1: Importing Photos
    01. Introduction
    02. System Downloads vs. Photo Downloader
    03. Choosing Your Source Location
    04. Creating a Save Location
    05. Renaming Your Photos
    06. Advanced Downloader Options
    07. Applying Metadata to Your Photos
    Section 2: Viewing & Evaluating Photos
    08. Important Bridge Preferences
    09. Customizing Your Workspace
    10. Navigating Quickly & Easily
    11. Previewing & Comparing Photos
    12. Evaluating Sharpness with the Loupe
    Section 3: Organizing Your Photos
    13. Ranking & Labeling Your Photos
    14. Applying Keywords
    15. Metadata Introduction
    16. IPTC & Metadata Templates
    17. Sorting & Filtering Your Photos
    18. Grouping Shots with Collections
    Chapter 2: Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
    Section 4: Understanding Raw Workflow
    19. What is a Raw File?
    20. Camera Raw Preferences
    21. ACR Workspace
    22. Workflow Options Dialog
    23. File Saving Options
    24. Toolbar Overview
    25. Cropping & Straightening Images
    26. Removing Dust & Lens Spots
    27. Adjustment Brush
    28. Graduated Filter
    Section 5: Advanced Camera Raw Edits
    29. The Basics Panel
    30. The Curves Panel
    31. The Details Panel - Sharpen
    32. The Details Panel - Noise Reduction
    33. The HSL/Grayscale Panel
    34. The Split-toning Panel
    35. The Lens Corrections Panel
    36. Simultaneous ACR Edits
    37. Camera Raw Presets & Calibration
    38. Image Handling & ACR Defaults
    Chapter 3:Photoshop CS4
    Section 6: Photoshop Setup
    39. Basic Preferences
    40. Performance Preferences
    41. Custom Workspace Options
    42. Color Settings
    43. Document Metadata
    44. Your Working Environment
    45. Screen Modes
    46. Extras & Rulers
    47. Grids & Snapping
    48. New Rotate & Zoom Options
    49. Working with Multiple Images
    50. Recommended File Formats
    Section 7: Enhancing Color & Tonality
    51. Histogram Redux
    52. Using The Levels Command
    53. Adjustment Layers Defined
    54. Using the Adjustments Panel - Curves
    55. Isolating Image Adjustments - Color Balance
    56. Layer Masks & the Masks Panel
    57. Hue & Saturation Adjustment
    58. Vibrance Adjustment
    59. Photo Filters Adjustment
    60. Color Range Selections & Masks
    61. Creating Black & White Images
    62. Shadow & Highlight Smart Object
    Section 8: Retouching Techniques
    63. Clone Tool & Clone Source Panel
    64. The Spot Healing Brush
    65. The Healing Brush
    66. The Patch Tool
    67. Maintaining Realism with Fade
    68. Improved Dodge & Burn
    69. Improved Sponge Tool
    70. Vivid Light & Color Burn
    71. Gradient Adjustments
    Section 9: Perspective Correction Techniques
    72. Perspective Crops
    73. Perspective Transform
    74. Distort Transform
    75. Scale and Cleanup
    76. Lens Correction Filter
    77. Vanishing Point Filter
    Section 10: Additional Retouching Techniques
    78. Lens Blur Filter
    79. Warp Transforms
    80. Liquify Filter
    Section 11: Sharpening & Output Considerations
    81. Unsharp Mask Filter
    82. High Pass Filter Technique
    83. Creating Borders & Captions
    84. Creating Watermarks
    85. Copyright Notices
    86. Save For Web
    87. CMYK Soft-Proofing
    88. Inkjet Printing Tips
    89. Closing Remarks

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